Welcome to #POLO, a firm that has been delivering successful and creative campaigns for corporate brands since 2017.


#POLO is a communications agency based in Chicago. We believe in pushing our clients’ campaigns to the next level in terms of the only metrics that actually matter; brand exposure, marketing research, customer acquisition and driving revenue.

When we are hired by a client, we create an offline promotions campaign with a target pipeline and bringing them 100% ROI within the first week. Our goal is to compliment your brand, while driving into a new stratosphere of results.

Customer Service and Acquisition as a third party

Marketing Research


Business Development


We believe that the only way you can elevate your brand is with a personal touch. Digital and print media can be a wonderful showcase (and we will certainly complement your marketing tone in those mediums) but we also believe that, to provide the key that spurs you on a real level of success, it is necessary to be able to grab the attention of your audience, establish a relationship, answer questions and leave a memorable impression.



3417 W Belmont Ave, IL 60618

Email: hr@polous.net 

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